Madison Vegan Fest’s mission is to bring people together to enjoy delicious vegan food, hear from engaging speakers, and explore ways to live more compassionately.


Madison, Wisconsin has hosted a vegan fest every year since 2011.  Over the years, the location, name, and directors have changed but the community’s passion for vegan food and animal rights has only grown.

Madison Vegan Fest was created when organizers from past fests wanted to keep the event from leaving our community. Previous fests in Madison have been exciting and successful. Organizers were determined to see it continue! Especially because this fest is all about spreading the word of veganism and its impact to make a difference for animals, the environment, and the health of our community.

This Year's Event Details

The fest will feature vegan exhibitors, delicious food, engaging speakers, and a fun atmosphere. This event is free and appropriate for all ages. Whether you are already vegan, thinking about it, or just curious – you’ll enjoy yourself!

Madison Vegan Fest is a project of Center for Community Stewardship

September 8th, 2018
10:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Madison College - Truax Campus
1701 Wright Street, Madison, WI 5370

Listen to an interview with Mollie Stolbov (Madison Vegan Fest's lead organizer) on WORT's “8 O’Clock Buzz.” (11-minute segment from 9/3/18)

Watch an interview with Mollie on NBC 15. (3-minute segment from 9/8/18)


Meet the Organizers


Mollie Stolbov

Lead Organizer

After learning more about how animals are treated in the meat and dairy industry, Mollie had to go vegan. After 5 years, she hasn’t looked back and loves showing others how you can be strong and vegan. Mollie has about 5 years of experience in organizing different fests and is excited to lead the new Madison Vegan Fest this year. She’s also an avid rock climber and travels the country to climb. You’ll find her at Devil’s Lake scaling the bluffs and boulders on most nice days.


Bethany Mehta

Co-Lead Organizer

While researching information on factory farms for a college English class, Bethany learned that her vegetarian lifestyle was still contributing to animal suffering; she turned the paper in and went vegan. Eleven years later, Bethany’s current focus has been on raising her vegan daughter: instilling compassionate viewpoints and a love for veggies. Once an intern at Farm Sanctuary, Bethany is now an organizer for a local Meetup group that brings vegetarian and vegan families together and is the Co-Lead Organizer of the Madison Vegan Fest.

Becky Koechell

Becky has been involved in animal rights for many years, including coordinating fundraising and outreach events. She became vegan 12 years ago after discovering the cruelty, exploitation, and violence of the dairy and egg industry, after being vegetarian for most of her life. Becky currently serves on the Board of Directors for the Alliance for Animals and Bite Size Vegan. She is excited to be part of a Vegan Fest that will promote healthy and compassionate living.

Emma Cameron

Emma hails from the mountains of southwestern Virginia, recently left her PhD program in isotope geochemistry at UW - Madison to pursue a career doing good for animals within the effective altruism community, and stays involved with animal advocacy efforts through Madison Animal Save, Friends of Animal Liberation [FOAL], The Humane League [THL], and coordinating speakers for this event! Emma is a queer, transgender woman and strives for the liberation of all oppressed animals, especially those who are LGBTQ and/or non-human. In her spare time, she enjoys running ultramarathons, going to hip-hop & EDM shows, and curling up with a nice book describing the fall of capitalism.

Katherine Beaton

Katherine moved to Madison in June 2016, after earning her degree in Landscape Architecture at Ohio State University. A vegetarian since the age of ten, she became vegan at a New Year's Eve party five years ago when a friend asked her if she was vegan, and she decided to reply, “yes.” When she's not at work designing outdoor spaces or scoping out the best vegan nachos in any city she visits, she is most likely to be found practicing yoga, exploring a park or forest, making art, participating in vegan activism with Friends of Animal Liberation [FOAL], or volunteering at Heartland Farm Sanctuary.

Charlie Talbert

The documentary Peaceable Kingdom moved Charlie from vegetarian to vegan in 2004.  He realized then that the dairy and egg industries, as much as the rest of animal agriculture, are rooted in unnecessary suffering.  It’s the “unnecessary” part that he most likes to promote: how delicious and nutritious vegan food can be. He was active with Mad City Vegan Fests from 2012 to 2017. He likes to bike, read history, and eat vegan ice cream (but not all at the same time).

Gina Stuessy

Gina was involved with Mad City Vegan Fest its first 6 years and was the lead the latter few of those years; she’s happy to see the idea continue through the new Madison Vegan Fest. A life-long Madisonian (so far), she works for Animal Charity Evaluators and is involved in the effective altruism movement. In her free time she enjoys TV dramas, chocolate desserts, board games, and the occasional EDM show.

Latasia Dhami

Lactose intolerance got the best of Latasia in her early 20's, so she cut out dairy completely. After a ton of research and hours of watching documentaries, she removed what little meat was left in her diet. Latasia has been vegan for 2.5 years now and it just so happens that her passions for design, photography, and non-human animals have the opportunity to merge by joining MVF this year! Latasia is a non-binary, pansexual individual who aims to shine light on those who tend to be left in the dark – calling attention to under-represented or misrepresented beings. Her spare time tends to include hiking, EDM shows, photography projects, deep conversations and pondering about the Universe, and creating physical and digital artwork.

Dave Friedman

Dave's been vegan for 8 years and was vegetarian for 32 years before that. He was one of the lead organizers of Mad City Vegan Fest for six years, starting with its launch in 2011. He led the Madison Area Vegetarian Meetup Group for 10 years, hosting 250 events and seeing membership grow to 2,000. Dave has coordinated all sorts of vegan activities for groups of 5 to 150… vegan dinners, camping trips, cooking lessons, potlucks, game nights, Super Bowl parties, and more. Other aspects of his life include ultimate frisbee, word games, and gadgets.

Holly Pfaff

Holly went vegan in 2008, all thanks to her older sister Bethany (co-lead organizer). She graduated in 2015 with a Bachelors of Marketing at Concordia University - Portland where she also completed as a heptathlete in Track and Field. Apart from work, Holly currently keeps busy ultra running, coaching high school hurdles, and participating in vegan activism events.